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3 Ninjas Trilogy
Blake Edwards
The 10th Kingdom
David Carson Herbert Wise
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Charles A. Nichols Richard FleischerClimb aboard the Nautilus ... and into a strange undersea world of spellbinding adventure! Kirk Douglas, Paul Lukas, and Peter Lorre star as shipwrecked survivors taken captive by the mysterious Captain Nemo, brilliantly portrayed by James Mason. Wavering between genius and madness, Nemo has launched a deadly crusade across the seven seas. But can the captive crew expose his evil plan before he destroys the world? Disney's brilliant Academy Award(R)-winning (1955, Best Art Direction and Best Special Effects) adaptation of Jules Verne's gripping tale makes 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA a truly mesmerizing masterpiece!
1776 (Restored Director's Cut)
Peter H. Hunt
2001: A Space Odyssey
Ray Lovejoy, Stanley KubrickEDITOR'S NOTE: According to a Warner Home Video technician involved in the production of The Stanley Kubrick Collection, Kubrick authorized all aspects of the Collection, from the use of Digital Component Video (or "D-1") masters originally
2010: The Year We Make Contact
Peter Hyams
The 4400 - The Complete First Season
Milan Cheylov Morgan Beggs John Behring
The 4400 - The Complete Second Season
Douglas Petrie, John Behring, Leslie Libman, Michael W. Watkins, Milan CheylovOver the last century, thousands of people have gone missing. Suddenly and inexplicably, 4400 missing people are returned, all at once, exactly as they were on the day they vanished. Unclear what this world-altering event means, the government investigates the 4400 to piece together where they've been and why they've been returned. It quickly becomes apparent that their presence will change the human race in ways no one could have foreseen.
The 4400: Season 3
Aaron Lipstadt, Allison Liddi-Brown, Colin Bucksey, Fred Toye, Morgan BeggsJoel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie. The saga continues of the mysterious 4400 for a third hit season. Includes Graduation Day" (7/9/06), Blink" (7/23/06), Terrible Swift Sword" (8/20/06) and 10 more for a total of 13 episodes on 4 DVDs. 2006/color/9 hrs., 20 min/NR.
A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
Steven Spielberg
The Abyss
James Cameron
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D
Robert Rodriguez
Agent Cody Banks
Harald Zwart
Air Force One
Wolfgang Petersen
David Zucker Zucker, Jerry
Airwolf - Season 1
David Westheimer Ray Austin Georg Fenady Bernard L. Kowalski Don Medford
Airwolf - Season 2
David Westheimer Ray Austin Georg Fenady Bernard L. Kowalski Don Medford
Airwolf - Season 3
David Westheimer Ray Austin Georg Fenady Bernard L. Kowalski Don Medford
Ron Clements John Musker
Alien: 20th Anniversary Edition [Award Series]
Ridley Scott
James Cameron
Alien 3
David Fincher
Alien Resurrection
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
The Amazing Captain Nemo
Alex MarchFrom hitmaking producer Irwin Allen (The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno) comes the triumphant return of the greatest adventurer of all (by way of Jules Verne)! Awakened from a 100-year cryogenic freeze, the legendary Captain Nemo (Academy Award(r) winner* José Ferrer) pursues a mad scientist (Burgess Meredith) who threatens to destroy Washington unless he's paid a billion dollars in gold. Co-written by Psycho's Robert Bloch, The Amazing Captain Nemo was originally conceived as a three-part pilot for a weekly TV series. Combining action, heroics and Emmy(r)-nominated special effects, The Amazing Captain Nemo is seagoing action and excitement that's simply under-and-out of this world!

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Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Royal Albert Hall Celebration
David MalletStudio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 03/04/2003 Run time: 89 minutes Rating: Nr
Animusic - A Computer Animation Video Album
Wayne LytleAnimusic draws you into its reality like no place you have ever been. You encounter new dimensions of sight and sound as you experience seven unique visual concerts. From the robotic laser-precision of "Future Retro" and rapid-fire ball bearings of "Pipe Dream" to the serene acoustic beauty of "Aqua Harp", each animation is an intricate melding of music and visuals.

Using custom developed, cutting-edge software technology, director Wayne Lytle invents self-playing graphical instruments, perfectly synchronized to the digitally created soundtrack. Glimpse into the future of music entertainment...and discover what everyone is talking about!
Animusic 2 - A New Computer Animation Video Album
Wayne Lytle
John Huston
The Aristocats (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Wolfgang Reitherman
Michael Bay
Around the World in 80 Days
Frank Coraci
The Arrival / The Arrival 2
David Twohy
Avia Guide to Home Theater Information and Setup DVD
Chris Noonan
Babes in Toyland
Jack DonohueEnjoy a happy excursion into the world of Mother Goose in Walt Disney's first musical production! All roads lead to magical, merry Toyland as Mary Contrary and Tom Piper prepare for their wedding! But villainous Barnaby wants Mary for himself, so he kidnaps Tom, setting off a series of comic chases, searches, and double-crosses! The "March Of The Wooden Soldiers" helps put Barnaby in his place, and ensures a "happily ever after" for Tom and Mary! This joyful musical fantasy is a delightful experience for the whole family!
Wilfred Jackson David Hand
Batman & Robin
Joel Schumacher
Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series
Battlestar Galactica - The Feature Film
Richard A. Colla Alan J. LeviSpace-colony ambush survivors head for unknown earth followed by the robot cylons. Edited from the tv series. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 02/14/2006 Starring: Dirk Benedict Rick Springfield Run time: 125 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Richard A. Colla
Battlestar Galactica (2003 Miniseries)
Michael Rymer
The Beach Girls / The Pom Pom Girls
Bud Townsend Joseph Ruben
Beauty and the Beast - The Complete Series
Alan Cooke, Bethany Rooney, Bruce Malmuth, Christopher Leitch, Daniel AttiasOnce upon a time is now and forever: Beauty and the Beast: The Third Season of the Emmy Award-winning, fan favorite show is more captivating than ever in this 3-disc collectible set. This unique fantasy-crime drama series features the adventures and romance between Vincent, a mythic, noble man-beast and Catherine, a savvy assistant DA in New York. These two share a strong, mystical bond that enables Vincent while in his underground lair to sense whenever Catherine is in danger in the World Above. In the powerful final season, Catherine, pregnant with Vincent¹s child, becomes a victim to a murderous drug-lord who steals her baby from her after she gives birth. Drawing strength from the everlasting love and unbreakable bond he and Catherine share, Vincent relentlessly pursues her killer, determined to bring him to justice and to rescue their child.
Bee Gees - One Night Only
The Bells of St. Mary's
Leo McCarey
Graham Baker
The Betsy (Snap Case)
Daniel Petrie
Charlton Heston Presents The Bible 1: Genesis
Tony Westman
Charlton Heston Presents The Bible 2: The Story of Moses
Tony Westman
Charlton Heston Presents The Bible 3: Jesus of Nazareth
Tony Westman
Charlton Heston Presents The Bible 4: The Passion
Tony Westman
Bicentennial Man
Chris Columbus
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Peter Hewitt
Billy Elliot
Billy FaneThe life of 11-year-old Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) a coal-miner's son is forever changed one day when he stumbles upon a ballet class during his weekly boxing lesson. Before long he finds himself demonstrating the kind of raw talent seldom seen by the class' exacting instructor (Julie Walters).System Requirements:Starring: Julie Walters Billy Fane Colin MacLachlan Carol McGuigan Charlie Hardwick Joe Renton Trevor Fox Jamie Bell Jamie Draven Gary Lewis Jean Heywood Stuart Wells Mike Elliot Janine Birkett and Nicola Blackwell. Directed By: Stephen Daldry Running Time: 111 Min. Color. This film is presented in "Widescreen" format. Copyright 2000 Universal Distribution Corp.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: R UPC: 025192113420
Bionicle - Mask Of Light
Terry Shakespeare David Molina
The Black Cauldron (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Ted Berman Richard Rich Jack Hannah
The Black Stallion
Carroll Ballard
The Black Stallion Returns
Robert Dalva
Blade (New Line Platinum Series)
Stephen Norrington
Blade 2 (New Line Platinum Series)
Guillermo del Toro
Blade 3 - Trinity (New Line Platinum Series)
David S. Goyer
Bless The Beasts & Children
Stanley KramerDirector Stanley Kramer brings to the screen the important story of six wealthy misfits who, while attending a summer riding camp, set out to free a herd of buffalo scheduled to be shot the next day. They see some of the animals slain and are determined to save the remaining buffalo herd from possible extinction.

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Blue Angels - Rolling in the Sky
JoAnna Cameron
Blue Crush
John Stockwell
The Blue Lagoon
Randal Kleiser
The Bodyguard
Mick Jackson
Boogie Nights
Paul Thomas AndersonFrom Hollywood's hottest new director comes the outrageous epic that throws the covers back on California's adult entertainment industry in the swinging seventies. It's a touching and often humorous portrait of a most unusual family of filmakers, brought
The Brothers Grimm
Terry GilliamBrothers Jake and Will Grimm, renowned collectors of folklore, have made a career out of traveling from village to village pretending to rid them of enchanted creatures. Their bluff is called, however, when they are forced by Napoleon's French government to investigate a haunted forest where girls have been disappearing mysteriously. What they discover leads to a series of adventures involving an actual evil (and immortal) sorceress that mirrors that of mythology and the fables that the Brothers Grimm would eventually become famous for.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - The Complete Epic Series
Bob Bender Philip Leacock Harvey S. Laidman
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fran Rubel Kuzui
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 1st Season
INTO EACH GENERATION A SLAYER IS BORN. Now you can own the entire first season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. All 12 classic episodes are available for the first time in this exclusive 3-disc collector’s edition. From "Welcome to the Hellmouth," "The Harvest" and "Angel" to "Nightmares," "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" and "Prophecy Girl," these Season One episodes are a must for every true Buffy fan.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 2nd Season
"Whedon, Joss Contner, James A. Greenwalt, David"THE CHOSEN ONE HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN... Now you can own the entire second season of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. All 22 classic episodes are available for the first time in this exclusive 6-disc collectorÂ's edition. From Â"When She Was Bad,Â" Â"SurpriseÂ" and Â"Innocence,Â" to Â"PassionÂ" and Â"Becoming, Part OneÂ" and Â"Becoming, Part Two,Â" these Season Two episodes are a must for every true Buffy fan.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 3rd Season
Joss WhedonAll 22 classic episodes are available for the first time in this exclusive 6-disc collector’s edition. From "Faith, Hope & Trick," "Band Candy" and "Bad Girls" to "Consequences," "Enemies" and "Graduation Day, Part Two," these Season Three episodes are a must for every true Buffy fan.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 4th Season
Buffy begins college feeling completely overwhelmed. But once the monsters show up, it’s just like old times. Then she strats dating Riley, a handsome commando battling the same monsters. He’s part of a secret organization called The Initiative and Buffy is all too happy to join the team. But she soon suspects The Initiative may be more dangerous than the monsters they are supposed to be battling . . .
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 5th Season
After an unsettling encounter with the Dracula, Buffy asks Giles to once again be her Watcher. Luckily he agrees, for Buffy is about to face mortal problems far more threatening than the undead: the sudden appearance of a sister named Dawn, her mother’s mysterious illness and Spike’s undying devotion. Then an undefeatable demon appears, forcing Buffy to turn to an ancient Spirit Guide who tells her that love is her greatest gift — and power.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 6th Season
Elated with having Buffy back from the dead, her friends never wonder if she may have been in a better place. Only Spike knows the truth and as Buffy struggles to readjust to life, she begins a relationship with Spike that torments her as much as it brings her fleeting comfort. Yet even as Buffy fears that the magic that brought her back has somehow changed her, Willow's growing reliance on magic is an addiction she can barely control - and one that threatens everyone.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 7th Season
As Buffy acompanies Dawn on her first date at the new Sunnydale High, Giles continues Willow's magic education in England. But while Buffy is surprised to be offered a guidance counselor job, Willow is shocked to experience a horrific future vision of the Hellmouth.

Willow returns to Sunnydale and Giles soon follows with word that the Watcher's Council has been destroyed. Determined to make one last stand, Buffy and her allies gather for the upcoming battle, yet nothing can prepare them for The First and his robed Bringers, who are killing all the Potential Slayers- and anyone else who gets in their way.
A Bug's Life
Andrew Stanton, John LasseterThere was such a magic on the screen in 1995 when the people at Pixar came up with the first fully computer-animated film, Toy Story. Their second feature film, A Bug's Life, may miss the bull's-eye but Pixar's target is so lofty, it's har
Bulletproof Monk Special Edition
Paul HunterA nameless monk travels the globe charged with one purpose in life: to protect an ancient scroll that holds the key to unlimited power. In his advanced age, the monk decides that it is time to find and train a new scroll keeper. A streetwise punk becomes the chosen one after he inadvertantly saves the monk from capture.
Joshua Logan
Carlito's Way
Brian De Palma
Brad Silberling
Cast Away
Robert Zemeckis
David Mallet
Cats & Dogs
Lawrence Guterman
Celine Dion - The Colour of My Love Concert
Tony Greco
The Chaplin Collection, Vol. 1
Charles ChaplinThe Great Dictator Goldrush Limelight Modern TimesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating: NR UPC: 085393794224
The Charlie Chaplin Collection - Essential
40 of Chaplin's greatest short films, compiled in chronological order.

B&W/700 min.
Charlie's Angels
Chicken Run
Peter Lord Nick Park
A Christmas Celebration
The Chronicles of Narnia - (3-Disc Set)
Alex Kirby Marilyn Fox (II)Fire breathing dragons, sprightly nymphs, talking animals, evil witches, deadly sea monsters, gruesome giants, kings and queens, a group of brave children and a very special wardrobe collide in an epic battle of good versus evil. Welcome to the enchanted world of Narnia, a mystical land sprung from the mind of legendary author C.S. Lewis. Danger and adventure are always close at hand in Narnia, for the future is under constant threat by dark forces. But not for long. Whispers that sail across the land say only one thing — Aslan, the great lion, is on the move. The BBC and Home Vision Entertainment proudly present all nine hours of this grand series on DVD for the first time.
The Chronicles of Riddick (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)
David Twohy
Cirque Du Soleil - Anniversary Collection, 1984-2005
Guy Caron (II) David Mallet Jacques Payette
Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo
Cirque du Soleil - Fire Within (TV Series)
Ezra Soiferman Bachir Bensaddek Lewis Cohen
Cirque du Soleil - Solstrom - The Complete Series
Citizen Kane
Orson Welles
Jonathan Lynn
Color of Night
Richard Rush
The Complete Musketeers (The Three Musketeers / The Four Musketeers)
Richard Lester
Computer Animation Showcase
The Core
Jon Amiel
Mark Steven Johnson
Dark Angel - The Complete First Season
Sam Raimi
The Day After Tomorrow
Roland Emmerich
Sidney Lumet
Deep Impact
Mimi Leder
Eric Leighton Ralph Zondag
Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Chistmas
The Dreamers
Jacopo Quadri, Bernardo BertolucciFrom Academy Award®-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci (The Last Emperor, 1987), comes an erotic tale of three young film lovers brought together by their passion for movies — and each other. When Isabelle and Theo (Eva Green, Louis Garrel) invite Matthew (Michael Pitt) to stay with them, what begins as a casual friendship ripens into a sensual voyage of discovery and desire in which nothing is off limits and anything is possible. Featuring an engaging, seductive cast, The Dreamers is a ?spellbinding, provocative feast!" (Ebert & Roeper)
Dreams of Hawaii
The Dresden Files - The Complete First Season
Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 03/11/2008 Run time: 530 minutes Rating: Nr
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Michael Patrick Jann
Charles Stone III
Dungeons & Dragons (New Line Platinum Series)
Courtney Solomon
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
Steven Spielberg
Mark Robson
Rob Bowman
The Emperor's New Groove - The Ultimate Groove
Mark Dindal
Empire of the Sun
Steven Spielberg
Escape to Witch Mountain
John Hough Clyde Geronimi
Joe Dante
The Fantasia Anthology [1941] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
T. Hee Norman Ferguson Wilfred Jackson Ben Sharpsteen Ford Beebe Jim Handley Paul Satterfield Hamilton Luske James Algar Samuel Armstrong Bill Roberts
Father of the Bride
Charles Shyer
Father of the Bride 2
Charles Shyer
Field of Dreams
Phil Alden Robinson
The Final Countdown
Don Taylor
Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
Hironobu Sakaguchi Moto Sakakibara
Finding Forrester
Gus Van Sant
Finding Nemo
Stanton, Andrew
Finian's Rainbow
Francis Ford Coppola
The Flash - The Complete Series
Gilbert M. Shilton William A. Fraker Aaron Lipstadt James A. Contner Danny Bilson
Adrian Lyne
Flight of the Navigator
Randal Kleiser
Les MayfieldDisney couldn't resist the temptation to remake 1961's popular comedy The Absent Minded Professor, so they cast Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard (a role vaguely related to the character originated by Fred MacMurray), and the result is a comedy that, frankly, doesn't fully deserve its modest success. It's admittedly clever to a point, and certainly the digitally "flubberized" special effects provide the kind of movie magic that's entertaining for kids and parents alike. The professor can't even remember his own wedding day (much to the chagrin of his fiancée, played by Marcia Gay Harden), and now his academic rival (Christopher McDonald) is trying to steal his latest and purely accidental invention—flying rubber, or ... flubber. The green goo magnifies energy and can be used as an amazing source of power, but in the hands of screenwriter John Hughes it becomes just another excuse to recycle a lot of Home Alone-style slapstick humor involving a pair of bumbling would-be flubber thieves. There's also a floating robot named Weebo and some catchy music by Danny Elfman to accompany dancing globs of flubber, but the story's too thin to add up to anything special. Lightweight fun, but, given the title, it lacks a certain bounce. Of course, that didn't stop Disney's marketing wizards from turning it into a home-video hit. —Jeff Shannon
Fly Away Home
Carroll Ballard
Fools Rush In
Andy Tennant
Herbert Ross
Forbidden Planet
Fred M. Wilcox
Forever Young
Steve Miner
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (Sci-Fi TV Miniseries) (Two-Disc DVD Set)
Greg Yaitanes
Frank Herbert's Dune (Sci-Fi TV Miniseries) (Special Edition Director's Cut) (3-Disc DVD Set)
John Harrison
Frequency (New Line Platinum Series)
Gregory Hoblit
From the Earth to the Moon - The Signature Edition
George of the Jungle
Sam WeismanNot even the executives at Disney could have predicted the runaway success of this live-action movie inspired by Jay Ward's goofy 1960s cartoon character. Not only did George make a killing at the box office, but Disney's marketing wizards turned it into one of their best-selling videos. It's hard to begrudge the movie's success, even if this is the kind of mindless entertainment that caters to the lowest common denominator. In any case, it's obvious that kids love this movie, in which the idiotic George (Brendan Fraser) repeatedly swings into trees and attracts the attention of a lovely jungle explorer (Leslie Mann) who decides to call off her engagement to a wealthy snob (Thomas Hayden Church) in favor of the vine-swinging hunk with an elephant named Shep (that thinks it's a dog) and an ape named Ape (with a proper Brit voice provided by John Cleese). Filled with slapstick gags and some funny special effects, the movie can be a bit of a trial for adults, but it's a hilarious treat for its intended audience. —Jeff Shannon
George Of The Jungle 2
David Grossman (III)George now a father goes to las vegas where he has to help out his brother Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 09/01/2006 Starring: Christopher Showerman Julie Benz Run time: 87 minutes Rating: Pg Director: David Grossman
The Ghost and the Darkness
A renowned big game hunter joins forces with an engineer to kill the lions which threaten completion of a bridge in 1896 East Africa.
Ghostbusters 2
Ivan Reitman
The Glass House
Daniel Sackheim
The Glenn Miller Story
Anthony Mann
Martin CampbellPierce Brosnan ignites the screen in his first adventure as the unstoppable James Bond. When a powerful satellite system falls into the hands of a former ally-turned-enemy, only 007 can save the world from an awesome space weapon that — in one short pulse — could destroy the earth!
The Green Mile
Frank Darabont
Heroes - Season One
Hogan's Heroes - 1st Season
Richard Kinon Marc Daniels Jerry London Edward H. Feldman Bob SweeneyHOGAN’S HEROES: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON focuses on a group of American soldiers, led by Colonel Hogan (Crane), who are confined in a Nazi prisoner of war camp called Stalag 13 during World War II. While trapped in Stalag 13, the inmates conduct an espionage and sabotage campaign right under the noses of their warders. Because the Germans, led by the bumbling Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Emmy Award™-winning actor Klemperer), are often gullible, the real strength of Hogan’s men are the elaborate ruses and sometimes dangerous lengths they will go to complete their mission.
Hogan's Heroes - 2nd Season
Richard Kinon Marc Daniels Jerry London Edward H. Feldman Bob SweeneyHOGAN’S HEROES: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON focuses on a group of American soldiers, led by Colonel Hogan (Crane), who are confined in a Nazi prisoner of war camp called Stalag 13 during World War II. While trapped in Stalag 13, the inmates conduct an espionage and sabotage campaign right under the noses of their warders. Because the Germans, led by the bumbling Colonel Wilhelm Klink (Emmy Award®-winning actor Klemperer), are often gullible, the real strength of Hogan’s men are the elaborate ruses and sometimes dangerous lengths they will go to complete their mission.
Hal Needham
The Hot Spot
Dennis Hopper
House of Flying Daggers
Yimou Zhang
Ice Age
Chris Wedge
IMAX - Blue Planet
Ben Burtt
IMAX - Destiny In Space
Phyllis Ferguson James Neihouse Gail Singer Ben Burtt
IMAX - Hail Columbia
Graeme Ferguson
IMAX - Mission to Mir
Ivan Galin
IMAX - The Dream Is Alive
Graeme Ferguson
The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit
Nick Park
The Incredibles
Brad Bird
The Iron Giant
Brad Bird
The Island at the Top of the World
Robert Stevenson
Jackie Chan's Who Am I?
Jackie Chan
Martin Campbell
Casino Royale
Martin Campbell
You Only Live Twice
Lewis Gilbert (II)
The Spy Who Loved Me
Lewis Gilbert (II)
John Glen (II)
Diamonds are Forever
Guy Hamilton
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Peter R. Hunt
Casino Royale
John HustonWelcome to Casino Royale, the ultimate psychedelic secret agent satire! Packed with girls, guns and gags galore, this "very funny picture" (The New Yorker) delivers "laughs all the way"(Cue)! Starring Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven, Joanna Pettet, Orson Welles, Daliah Lavi, Woody Allen, Deborah Kerr, William Holden and others, and with an original score from Oscar® winner* Burt Bacharach, this groovy spy movie is "even farther out" (LA Herald-Examiner) than all other spoofs combined! British Intelligence is waning in every possible way! When the diabolical SMERSH begins killing off Her Majesty's Secret Service, super-agent James Bond (Niven) recruits six more "James Bonds" to confuse and conquer their enemies. But it won't be easy. They'll have to face an army of irresistibly sexy female operatives, exploding robotic fowl, parachuting Indians and a germ that makes all women beautiful but kills all men over 4'6"! *1981: Original Song (with Carole Bayer Sager, Christopher Cross, Peter Allen), Arthur; 1969: Original Song (Lyrics by Hal David), Score, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Tomorrow Never Dies
Roger Spottiswoode
The Jazz Singer
Richard Fleischer
Jesus Christ Superstar
Norman Jewison
Jesus of Nazareth
Franco Zeffirelli
John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas
John Denver
The Johnny Carson Collection (Ultimate) (Vols. 1-3) (1962-1992)
Dick Carson Bobby Quinn Frederick De CordovaStudio: Respond2 Entertainment Release Date: 10/14/2003 Run time: 420 minutes Rating: Nr
The Jungle Book (Limited Issue)
Wolfgang Reitherman
Just a Little Harmless Sex
Rick Rosenthal
Iain Softley
The Karate Kid Collection (Four Film Set)
Christopher Cain John G. Avildsen
Kindergarten Cop
Ivan Reitman
The King and I
Robert L. Simpson, Walter LangQuick Shipping !!! New And Sealed !!! This Disc WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. A multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player is request to view it in USA/Canada. Please Review Description.
King Arthur - The Director's Cut
Antoine Fuqua
Knight Rider - Season One
Robert Foster Bruce Seth Green Charles BailGear up for action with superstar David Hasselhoff and his supercar K.I.T.T. as they throttle crime in every high-octane episode from the first season of Knight Rider finally available to own for the first time on DVD.The series follows the thrilling adventures of Michael Knight a detective thought to be dead who s been given a new face and identity. His assignment: to fight crime with the help of an artificially intelligent talking car named K.I.T.T. a high-speed futuristic weapon outfitted with high-tech gadgets and a personality of its own. Driven by justice they set out to take down criminals who operate above the law in this 22-episode DVD set tricked out with loads of special extras including a bonus disc featuring the movie sequel Knight Rider 2000.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025192488023 Manufacturer No: 24880
Kung Fu - The Complete First Season
Gordon Hessler Robert Totten Alex Beaton Lee Philips
Lady and the Tramp
Wilfred Jackson Clyde Geronimi Hamilton Luske
The Land Before Time
Don BluthThis 1988 animated feature from Don Bluth (An American Tail) focuses on an orphaned young dinosaur, Littlefoot, who has to make his way to the paradise of the Great Valley in order to survive a plague. Along the way, he meets up with some other dinos from different species, and they all bond and travel together. On the way, they have plenty of adventures. Even with elements of suspense, this is a pretty relaxed movie that isn't in a particular hurry to roll out its story. Kids will like the originality of the concept, and the themes of friendship and cooperation are well woven into the fabric of the entertainment, plus the music is great. Bluth's artwork looks good, though—as always—he never seems to quite catch up with the quality of the Disney machine. —Tom Keogh
Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life
Jan de Bont
Left Behind - The Movie
Vic Sarin
The Legend of Drunken Master
Jackie Chan
The Legend of Zorro
Martin Campbell
Les Miserables - The Dream Cast in Concert
John Caird Gavin Taylor Paul Kafno
Lethal Weapon 4
Richard Donner
The Lion King
Roger Allers Rob Minkoff
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (Limited Issue)
Rob LaDuca Darrell Rooney
The Little Mermaid (Limited Issue)
Ron Clements John Musker
A Little Princess
Alfonso Cuarón
Little Shop of Horrors
Frank Oz
The Living Daylights
John Glen (II)Timothy Dalton made his 007 debut in the lean, mean mode of Sean Connery, doing away with the pun-filled camp of Roger Moore's final outings. He establishes his persona right from the gritty pre-credits sequence, in which he hangs from a speeding truck as it barrels down narrow cobblestone streets, battles an assassin mano a mano, and lands in the arms of a bikinied babe. This James Bond is ruthless, tough, and romantic. The Living Daylights, set during the thaw of the cold war, begins with the defection of Russian KGB General Koskov (Jeroen Krabbé) and his revelation of a Soviet plot to eliminate Britain's secret agent force. Assigned to eliminate Koskov's Soviet boss (John Rhys-Davies, cutting a memorable figure in his brief appearance), Bond uncovers a conspiracy involving Koskov and an American arms dealer (Joe Don Baker). Maryam d'Abo makes a fine Bond girl as Koskov's beautiful cellist girlfriend, a classy innocent who soon loses her naive blush and shows her pluck. The villains are lackluster—Krabbé is a clown and Baker a blowhard—and Dalton hadn't yet mastered the delivery of the trademark quips, but it's a sleek script with a no-nonsense attitude. Veteran series director John Glen's action scenes have never been better—especially the show-stopping mid-air battle on the net of a speeding cargo plane—and he returns the series to the smart, rough, high-energy adventures that made the Bond reputation. —Sean Axmaker
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume 1
Robert McKimson Friz Freleng Robert ClampettThey're the crown princes of animation. They're the international ambassadors of cartoon comedy. They're the fabulously funny friends you grew up with! And now, 56 of the very best animated shorts starring the very wackiest Warner Bros. cartoon characters have been rounded up on DVD for the first time ever in The Looney Tunes Golden Collection! Just barely contained in four special edition discs, each specially selected short has been brilliantly restored and re-mastered to its original, uncut, anvil-dropping, laughter-inducing glory! Featuring some of the very earliest, ground-breaking on-screen appearances of many all-time Looney Tunes favorites, it's an unprecedented celebration for cartoon-lovers eager to re-live the heady, hilarious, golden age of Warner Bros. animation! Sparkling with one unforgettable, landmark animated marvel after another, there's that icon of carrot-crunching aplomb, Bugs Bunny, in a dazzling assortment of his very best classic shorts. Also highlighted in their own delightfully zany series of cartoon gems: the ever-flustered Daffy Duck and eternal straight-man Porky Pig. Plus, all the rest of the beloved Looney Tunes lineup starring in some of the most wildly imaginative cartoon shorts ever created! Including an array of exclusive bonus DVD features from expert commentaries to insights into the evolution of these classic characters, this is the ultimate animated experience for anyone who's ever thrilled to the timeless query: "Ehhh? what's up, Doc?"
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume 2
Greetings, Looneytics! For all who rightly place Looney Tunes alongside Mom, apple pie and web-surfing at work as American institutions, this is your time to rise and shine and watch. Yes, here on 4 discs you'll find 60 more of the finest, funniest, bestest Golden Era cartoons from the feverishly bent artistic minds at Termite Terrace. Disc 1 showcases a certain wascally wabbit. The happiness of pursuit is center stage in Disc 2 and 3's respective batches of Road Runner and Sylvester/Tweety fun. Disc 4 is an all-star cavalcade of Hollywood parodies and more. All 60 toons are restored, remastered, uncut. And each disc is chock-a-block with bonus goodies. It's a 24-carrot gem of a collection. Anything less would be dethpicable.
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume 3
Rudolf Ising Robert McKimson Chuck JonesRESTORED, REMASTERED AND REE-DICULOUS: COMPLETELY UNCUT AND UNCENSORED LOONEY-NESS, INCLUDING SOME HOME VIDEO DEBUTS! You know what you want. More three-day weekends. More ounces in a pound of chocolates. More Looney Tunes. Your wish is our command. Because in this 4-disc set are 60 more of the most looneytic Looney Tunes ever unleashed on rabbit, duck, pig or humanity. Indeed, some have never before been on home video! Disc 1 features the tall, gray and haresome one. Disc 2 lampoons Hollywood. Ham actor Porky Pig rules Disc 3. And Disc 4 has the duck and a cast of crazies. One thing: to watch these, you must be as tall as this sign. Wrong disclaimer. Read the one in the box below. Got the idea? Now have fun. And pass the chocolates. Disclaimer Box Copy: The Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 3 Is Intended for the Adult Collector and May Not Be Suitable for Children.
Looney Tunes - Golden Collection, Volume 4
Chuck Jones Frank TashlinMore Looney Tunes. Your wish is our command. Because in this 4-disc set are 60 more of the most looneytic Looney Tunes ever unleashed on rabbits, pigs, mice or cats. Indeed, some have never before been on home video! Disc 1 features the tall, gray and haresome one. Disc 2 is all pig. Disc 3 is all about Speedy. And Disc 4 is the cats meow. One thing: to watch these, you must be as tall as this sign. Wrong disclaimer. Read the one in the box below. Got the idea? Now have fun
Lord of the Dance
David Mallet
The Lord of the Rings - W1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)
Peter JacksonIn every aspect, the extended-edition DVD of Peter Jackson's epic fantasy The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring blows away the theatrical-version DVD. No one who cares at all about the film should ever need to watch the original version again. Well, maybe the impatient and the squeamish will still prefer the theatrical version, because the extended edition makes a long film 30 minutes longer and there's a bit more violence (though both versions are rated PG-13). But the changes—sometimes whole scenes, sometimes merely a few seconds—make for a richer film. There's more of the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien, embodied in more songs and a longer opening focusing on Hobbiton. There's more character development, and more background into what is to come in the two subsequent films, such as Galadriel's gifts to the Fellowship and Aragorn's burden of lineage. And some additions make more sense to the plot, or are merely worth seeing, such as the wood elves leaving Middle-earth or the view of Caras Galadhon (but sorry, there's still no Tom Bombadil). Extremely useful are the chapter menus that indicate which scenes are new or extended.

Of the four commentary tracks, the ones with the greatest general appeal are the one by Jackson and cowriters Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, and the one by 10 cast members, but the more technically oriented commentaries by the creative and production staff are also worth hearing. The bonus features (encompassing two complete DVDs) are far superior to the largely promotional materials included on the theatrical release, delving into such matters as script development, casting, and visual effects. The only drawback is that the film is now spread over two discs, with a somewhat abrupt break following the council at Rivendell, due to the storage capacity required for the longer running time, the added DTS ES 6.1 audio, and the commentary tracks. But that's a minor inconvenience. Whether in this collector's gift set (which adds Argonath bookends and a DVD of National Geographic Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) or the unadorned four-disc set, the extended-edition DVD is the Fellowship DVD to rule them all. —David Horiuchi
The Lord of the Rings 2 - The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings - W2 - The Two Towers
Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings - W3 - The Return of the King
Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings 3 - The Return of the King (Extended Edition)
Peter Jackson*****The WINNER of 11 Academy Awards* including BEST PICTURE is now 50 minutes longer! This extended version of the epic conclusion of The Lord of the Rings trilogy includes new score by Howard Shore and over 350 new digital effects shots.
Lost in Space (New Line Platinum Series)
Stephen Hopkins
M*A*S*H - Season 1
"Averback, Hy Becker, Terry Cooper, Jackie"Korea, 1950. They were a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed three miles from the front. Incoming helicopters full of wounded brought the horrors of war to them daily and sometimes bullets flew right outside the operating room door. Occasional hilarity and constant hijinks were all that kept them sane.

Loosely based on real-life MASH unit 8055, life at the 4077 revolved around the day-to-day routines of Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce, Captain "Trapper" McIntyre, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Major Margaret Houlihan, Major Franklin Burns and Corporal "Radar" O’Reilly. Through these characters, viewers traveled beyond the long hours and the horrors of the operating room to a place where friendships were forged, laughter was found and drinks were served.
M*A*S*H - Season 2
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAfter a first season in which M*A*S*H barely rated among television’s top fifty shows, the show received a boost in its second season when CBS switched their time slot to Saturday nights right after "All in the Family."

Knowing a lot of new people would be tuning in to the second season, creator/writer Larry Gelbart reveals, "We wrote the first episode as a sort of second pilot to introduce all the new viewers to the characters." Almost immediately after the second season began, the show became a hit—and the actors became household names.

Little did they know the show was going to last longer than the war itself.
M*A*S*H - Season 3
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenBy the show’s third year ratings were high enough to give the writers and creators more leverage with the network and thus a bit less trouble with the censors. In addition, the show’s writers were more experienced with the TV format and had more in-depth knowledge of the characters. By this time they could also gauge how much serious material the audience would accept mixed in with their comedy.

But most importantly, between the second and third seasons Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds visited Korea, a trip that they say affected the stories in the third season.
M*A*S*H - Season 4
Gene Reynolds Larry Gelbart Alan Alda William Jurgensen Burt MetcalfeAs the fourth season opens, Hawkeye returns from a 3-day R&R pass in Tokyo to find Trapper has been sent Stateside. Hawkeye races to the airport but arrives just as TrapperÂ's plane takes off. Too late to tell his friend good-bye, he in nevertheless just in time to welcome TrapperÂ's replacement, Captain B.J. Hunnicutt. Once Hawkeye gets over his anger and disappointment, he realizes B.J. is a worthy ally and takes the newcomer under his wing. Â"The first thing you learn here, B.J., is that insanity is no worse than the common cold. YouÂ've heard of a military post? Ours is a compost. Only the wounded are new. The tedium is relieved only by the boredom. So pitch in, muddle through, pip-pip. Never mind the reason why, ours is but to do and not let Â'em die.Â"

Then Colonel Sherman T. Potter arrives to take over command of the 4077. Not only are Frank and Hot Lips outraged that Frank has lost his command so quickly, but Hawkeye and B.J. know that a Â"liferÂ" Army commander could spell big trouble for them. But then a single reminiscence from Potter puts the docs at ease: Â"Had a still on Guam in World War II. One night it blew up. ThatÂ's how I got my Purple Heart.Â"
M*A*S*H - Season 5
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAs the fifth season opens, the Chinese are getting too close for comfort and the 4077 has been ordered to bug-out. Unfortunately, Hawkeye, B.J. and Margaret are in the middle of critical surgery and have to keep going even as the bombing starts. The rest of the 4077 find themselves in an equally dangerous situation upon discovering that the new location that HQ has chosen for them is actually in occupied territory. Luckily the Chinese are driven back and the 4077 get to bug back to their old location.

But the real bomb, as far as Frank Burns is concerned, is when Margaret returns from a medical conference in Tokyo engaged to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott. "How’d Burns take it?" a concerned Colonel Potter asked. "Hard," Hawkeye replied. "He was clucking like a chicken last night. For nine straight hours." Potter shook his head. "He’s heading for a Section Eight." As expected, Klinger was green with envy.
M*A*S*H - Season 6
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAs the sixth season opens, Margaret’s marriage has finally driven Frank Burns over the edge. Unfortunately, his subsequent replacement, Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, soon drives B.J. and Hawkeye over the edge as well. From his fur-trimmed coat to his shiny French horn, he almost makes B.J. and Hawkeye wish Frank were still there. Almost.

But as Winchester slowly finds his place within the OR, things get back to normal – or as normal as they ever get. Radar goes off in search of the perfect tattoo. Black marketeers steal all the unit’s penicillin. Hawkeye and B.J. refuse to shower unless Charles stops blowing his horn. And Hawkeye and Margaret find comfort in each other’s arms...if only for one night.
M*A*S*H - Season 7
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAs the seventh season opens, peace talks to end the war have been going on for over a year and Hawkeye has had enough. He jumps in a jeep and roars off to the talks, and although he makes it onto the speaker’s floor, his rant does little to speed up the negotiations. His discontent isn’t helped by the return of war correspondent Clete Roberts who has came back to the 4077 to tape another one of his television talks for the folks back home.

Yet Hawkeye isn’t the only one feeling the pressures of war. BJ nearly drives himself to exhaustion trying to help a poor Korean family, Father Mulcahy almost gets himself killed trying to get a promotion, Charles falls in love with a working girl at Rosie’s Bar, and Margaret’s divorce is finally made official. It’s all part of life during wartime.
M*A*S*H - Season 8
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAs the eighth season opens, Radar receives a letter from home proving war is not the only place where death strikes unexpectedly. The news quickly has Radar shipping stateside, followed by a period of adjustment as everyone tries to get used to a nervous and bumbling Klinger being in charge as company clerk. Things go from bad to worse as both Colonel Potter and Charles have to be quarantined with mumps. Then Hawkeye decides to stop drinking after receiving a bar bill so big that he’s shocked into realizing, "I could have bought a used Studebaker for this!"

Aside from incoming wounded, the 4077 is besieged by congressional aides, doctors demonstrating new techniques, inspecting colonels and a return visit from psychiatrist Sidney Freedman. Now if only everyone would just go away so the docs could get some sleep!
M*A*S*H - Season 9
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenThe perfect comic relief, the perfect holiday gift!
M*A*S*H - Season 10
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenRelive your favorite M*A*S*H moments with this three-disc DVD Collector's Edition containing all 21 classic Season Ten episodes!They were the 4077 MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit stationed three miles from the front during the Korean War. As the war drags on it begins to take a toll on the docs and nurses who day after day fight to save the incoming wounded helicoptered in directly from the front lines. But as much as the gang of the 4077 cared for the wounded soldiers they also cared about each other. And that camaraderie coupled with a liberal dose of hijinks and hilarity served to make their tour of duty in Korea an experience none of them would ever forget.System Requirements:Running Time: 561 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 024543241409 Manufacturer No: 2234140
M*A*S*H - Season 11
William Wiard Larry Gelbart Jackie Cooper Hy Averback William K. JurgensenAs the eleventh season begins, rumors are running rampant around camp. One rumor has everyone believing that Marilyn Monroe is going to pay the 4077 a special visit, while another claims that the peace talks are finally making headway. This second rumor gets Margaret thinking after Charles mentions how a Los Angeles skyscraper had a time capsule built into its cornerstone. Although he thinks the idea is insane, Margaret decides to make a time capsule of her own to bury in camp. "We could put something in the ground to remind people we were here," she suggested. With Hawkeye's help, items from around camp were gathered up for the capsule: a chopper's broken fan belt, Radar's teddy bear, one of Henry Blake's fishing flies, a bottle of Charles's cognac and Father Mulcahy's boxing gloves.

And finally, the gang of the 4077 hears the announcement they've been waiting for:

"This is Robert Pierpoint speaking to you from nearby Panmunjom. It is one minute before ten p.m. We can still hear the sound of nearby artillery. At some point during the next few seconds, the guns should go silent, as the cease-fire officially goes into effect...

There it is. That's the sound of peace."
The Man in the Moon
Robert Mulligan
A Fistful of Dollars
Monte Hellman Sergio Leone
For A Few Dollars More
Sergio Leone
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sergio Leone
Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Live
Andy Picheta
The Marx Brothers Collection
Edmund Goulding Sam Wood William A. SeiterThis set includes seven of only thirteen Marx Brothers films ever made! Collection includes: "A Night at the Opera" (1935) - The Marx Brothers turn Mrs. Claypool's opera into chaos in their efforts to help two young hopefuls get a break. It contains the famous scene where Groucho, Chico and Harpo cram a ship's stateroom with wall-to-wall people, gags, one-liners, musical riffs and two hard-boiled eggs. "A Day at the Races" (1937) - Groucho stars as Hugo Z. Hackenbush, a horse veterinarian dispensing horse pills and quips with equal glee. Chico selling racing tips, Harpo destroying a piano to turn it into a harp and favorite foil actress Margaret Dumont make this thoroughbred comedy wall-to-wall hilarity. "A Night in Casablanca" (1946) - This parody of the Bogart/Bergman 1943 classic features the Nazis vs. the "nutsies" as the Marx Brothers foil Axis criminals when they find stolen jewels and paintings Nazis have hidden in a hotel. "Room Service"/"At the Circus" - These two films are combined on one disc to provide double doses of laughter. In "Room Service" (1938), Lucille Ball and Ann Miller provide comic co-star support while the Marx Brothers play producers trying to keep their show above water and a hotel room over their head. In "At the Circus" (1939) Groucho stars as professional shyster lawyer J. Cheever Loophole in the middle of big-top bedlam as the boys try to save the circus and look to Margaret Dumont for the money to do so. Groucho sings one of his famous songs, "Lydia the Tattooed Lady." "Go West"/"The Big Store" - Another Marx Brothers twin bill makes this a hilarious comedy "two-fer." In the first, the Marxmen "Go West" (1940) to the land of outlaws and Indians where the fun never stops and where they outwit a land grabber. In "The Big Store" (1941), Groucho plays Attorney Wolf J. Flywheel who with sidekick Wacky (Harpo) and bodyguard Ravelli (Chico) are investigating the shady dealings of a crooked department store owner. Bonus extras include commentary by Leonard Maltin.
The Mask of Zorro
Emiliano Guerra
Master Of The World
William WitneyIn 1848, a fanatical inventor seeks to fly around the world and stop war from his flying airship (the "Albatross")...a cross between a zeppelin and a helicopter. Adapted from two Jules Verne novels— "Master of the World" and "The Conqueror."

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
The Matrix Reloaded
Larry Wachowski Andy Wachowski
The Matrix Revolutions
Larry Wachowski Andy Wachowski
The Medallion
Gordon Chan
Memphis Belle and P-47 Thunderbolt
n/aThis special two disc set focuses on two of the most celebrated American warplanes of WWII, The Boeing B-017 Flying Fortress Bomber and the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter-Bomber. COLLECTIBLE 2-DVD TIN!
Men in Black II
Barry Sonnenfeld
Men of Honor
George Tillman Jr.
Fritz Lang's Expressionistic masterwork continues to exert its influence today, from Chaplin's Modern Times to Dr.  Strangelove, and into the late 1990s with Dark City. In the stratified society of the future (Y2K no less), the son o
Fritz Lang
Miss Congeniality
Donald Petrie
Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous
John Pasquin
Mission - Impossible II
John Woo
Mission To Mars
Brian De Palma
Monster House
Gil Kenan
Mork & Mindy - The Complete First Season
Jeff Chambers Joel Zwick Bob Claver Frank Buxton Garry MarshallA spin-off from the hit show "Happy Days," MORK & MINDY stars Robin Williams as the lovable alien from the planet Ork. Sent to Earth by his fellow Orkans who see him as a misfit, Mork is assigned to observe the customs of the crazy Earthlings. Landing in a giant eggshell in Boulder, Colorado, Mork is soon befriended by Mindy McConnell (Dawber) a music store clerk, and allowed to stay in the attic of her apartment.
Mortal Kombat
Paul W.S. Anderson
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
John R. Leonetti
Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Barry Cook Tony Bancroft
Mulan II
Lynne Southerland Darrell Rooney
The Scorpion King
Chuck Russell
My Boyfriend's Back
Bob BalabanA teenagers goes to great lengths returning from the dead to keep a date with his dream girl.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 3-SEP-2002
Media Type: DVD
My Favorite Martian
Donald Petrie
Mythbusters: Collection 1 (4pc)
Jirí Sequens
The Net
Irwin Winkler
A New Journey: Live at Slane Castle
David Downes1. Beyond The Sea Menu Loop
2. Granuaile's Dance Menu Loop
3. The Voice Menu Loop
4. The Sky And The Dawn And The Sun Menu Loop
5. The Sky And The Dawn And The Sun (Live At Slane Castle)
6. The Prayer (Live From Slane Castle)
7. Caledonia (Live From Slane Castle)
8. Newgrange (Live From Slane Castle)
9. Dúlaman (Live From Slane Castle)
10. The Blessing (Live From Slane Castle)
11. Scarborough Fair (Live From Slane Castle)
12. Granuaile's Dance (Live From Slane Castle)
13. Over The Rainbow (Live From Slane Castle)
14. Beyond The Sea (Live From Slane Castle)
15. At The Céili (Live From Slane Castle)
16. Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Live From Slane Castle)
17. Carrickfergus (Live From Slane Castle)
18. Sing Out! (Live From Slane Castle)
19. Panis Angelicus (Live From Slane Castle)
20. The Last Rose Of Summer (Live From Slane Castle)
21. Spanish Lady (Live From Slane Castle)
22. Shenandoah - The Pacific Slope (Live From Slane Castle)
23. The Voice (Live From Slane Castle)
24. Danny Boy (Live From Slane Castle)
25. Somewhere (Live From Slane Castle)
26. Mo Ghile Mear (Live From Slane Castle)
27. You Raise Me Up (Live From Slane Castle)
28. At The Céili (Playout) (Live From Slane Castle)
29. Behind The Scenes At Slane Castle
October Sky
Joe Johnston
Odyssey Series: Into the Mind's Eye
Edward Feuer Matthew Hausle Steven Churchill Trent DiGiulio Ed Annunziata
Office Space
Mike Judge
Fred Zinnemann
Declan Lowney
The Osmond Story
Story of the Osmond Family
The Osmonds Live in Las Vegas 50th Anniversary 2 DVD Collector's Edition
Not AvailableStudio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 04/01/2008
The Donny and Marie 1978 Christmas Show
Art Fisher
The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set
Misused inventions, interplanetary communication, and warped time peculiarities permeate the 1960s science fiction anthology program The Outer Limits. Created by Leslie Stevens, the program gained a rabid cult following and influenced a myriad of sci-fi that would follow, including a second Outer Limits series in the 1990s. This is the complete collection of all episodes of the original series.
Over the Hedge
Karey Kirkpatrick Tim Johnson
The Pacifier
Panic Room (Superbit Collection)
David Fincher
The People
John KortyCOLOR. KIM DARBY, WILLIAM SHATNER, DIANE VARSI, DAN OHERLIHY. Executive Producer: FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA. This at once sensitive and subtly chilling science fiction fantasy tells the story of Melodye Amerson, an idealistic young woman who comes to a rural village to teach school. Melodye is not a by-the-book educator. She believes in giving children enough freedom to explore the world around them and within them. At the same time, Melodye is looking for her place in the world. She has abandoned her previous life because, as she explains, "Ill have time to figure me out" and "I can use a little peace and quiet." What she is destined to find in this hamlet is something else altogether. To begin with, the townsfolk all are more than a bit strange. They seem curiously spiritless and are offended by the fact that Melodye is pretty. They never smile. Nor do they ever travel out of the valley in which they live. They dress unappealingly. Playing sports and singing songs, reading a fashion magazine and watching television are taboo. Whats more, they are immune to many diseases. As Melodye spends time among them she begins observing the most unusual and otherworldly gravity-defying sights, none of which can be logically explained. Who exactly are these people? Where do they come from? What are they doing in the valley? What strange gifts do they have? Finally, what effect will Melodye have on them and how will they change her? 74 minutes. NOTE: This DVD is published under license from Video Yesteryear - Plain Case - NO ARTWORK

PLEASE NOTE: The quality of this DVD title is not up to our usual standards. There are a few areas where the color is washed out and/or pixalated. During the last 12 minutes the audio track is very slightly out of sync with the video. We continue to offer this title as, to the best of our knowledge, it is the only one commercially available - It can be viewed and enjoyed. We are doing our best to preserve close to 1,000 ancient & obscure videos
Peter Pan
Tony Award nominee Cathy Rigby stars in this dazzling new, state-of-the-art production that tells the story of a boy who refuses to grow up. Capturing all of the timeless charm and enchantment of the long running smash hit Broadway musical, PETER PAN transports your entire family, like never before, into J.M. Barrie's beloved adventure of lost boys, Indian maidens and pirate rogues. The richly scored music, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of England sparkles with such musical favorites as I'M FLYING, I WON'T GROW UP, UGG-A-WUGG and so much more! This engaging story is the perfect way to introduce a whole new generation to the magic of Broadway and to one of the most treasured family classics of all time. Bonus features include Behind-the-Scenes with Cathy Rigby and the Cast, Sing-a-long Showstoppers I'M FLYING, I WON'T GROW UP and I GOTTA CROW, subtitled for the hearing impaired.
Peter Pan
P.J. Hogan
The Phantom of the Opera
Joel Schumacher
The Phantom of the Opera (TV Miniseries)
Tony Richardson
The Pied Piper
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Gore VerbinskiThis sequel to the original stars Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. This 2-disc Special Edition's bonus features include "Bloopers of the Caribbean" and audio commentaries by writers, along with in-depth explanations of scene and characters,
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Gore VerbinskiFrom producer Jerry Bruckheimer (PEARL HARBOR) comes PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, the thrilling high-seas adventure with a mysterious twist. The roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow's (Academy Award(R) Nominee Johnny Depp) idyllic pirate life capsizes after his nemesis, the wily Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), steals his ship, the Black Pearl, and later attacks the town of Port Royal, kidnapping the governor's beautiful daughter Elizabeth (Keira Knightley). In a gallant attempt to rescue her and recapture the Black Pearl, Elizabeth's childhood friend Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) joins forces with Jack. What Will doesn't know is that a cursed treasure has doomed Barbossa and his crew to live forever as the undead. Rich in suspense-filled adventure, sword-clashing action, mystery, humor, unforgettable characters, and never-before-seen special effects, PIRATES is a must-have epic on the grandest scale ever.
Planet of the Apes
Tim Burton
Planetary Traveler
Jan Nickman
Pleasantville (New Line Platinum Series)
Gary Ross
Pocahontas (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Mike Gabriel Eric Goldberg
The Polar Express
Robert Zemeckis
Tobe Hooper
Porky's / Porky's II: The Next Day
Bob Clark (III)
The Presidio
Peter Hyams
Random Hearts
Sydney Pollack
Stuart Gordon
Real Genius
Martha Coolidge
The Red Skelton Show, Vol. 1
The Red Skelton Show, Vol. 2
The Red Skelton Show, Vol. 3
The Red Skelton Show, Vol. 4
Reign of Fire
Rob Bowman
The Reivers
Mark RydellBased on the novel by William Faulkner, THE REIVERS tells the story of a young boy who leaves home and sets out on a journey with his best friend and Boon Hogganbeck (McQueen), his family’s handyman. During the trip from Jefferson to Memphis, the trio learns some valuable life lessons.
Resident Evil
Paul W.S. AndersonSomething rotten is brewing beneath the industrial mecca known as Raccoon City. Unknown to its millions of residents, a huge underground bioengineering facility known as The Hive has accidentally unleashed the deadly and mutating T-virus, killing all of its employees. To contain the leak, the governing supercomputer, Red Queen, has sealed all entrances and exits. Now a team of highly-trained super commandos including Rain (Michelle Rodriguez - The Fast and the Furious, Girlfight), Alice (MillaJovovich - The Fifth Element) and Matt (Eric Mabius - Cruel Intentions) must race to penetrate The Hive in order to isolate the T-virus before it overwhelms humanity. To do so, they must get past theRed Queen's deadly defenses, face the flesh-eating undead employees, fight killer mutant dogs and battle The Licker, a genetically mutated savage beast whose strength increases with each of its slainvictims.
Revenge of the Nerds/ Revenge Of the Nerds II - Nerds in Paradise
Joe Roth Jeff Kanew
The Right Stuff
Philip Kaufman
Rio Bravo
Howard Hawks
Road House
Rowdy Herrington
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection [Remastered]
Joshua Logan José Ferrer Robert WiseDisc 1: Carousel Special Edition Disc 2: Carousel Special Edition-Bonus Disc Disc 3: King and I Special Edition Disc 4: King and I Special Edition-Bonus Disc Disc 5: South Pacific Special Edition Disc 6: South Pacific Special Edition-Bonus Disc Disc 7: Sound of Music Special Edition Disc 8: Sound of Music Special Edition-Bonus Disc Disc 9: State Fair Special Edition Disc 10: State Fair Special Edition-Bonus Disc Disc 11: Oklahoma Special Edition Disc 12: Oklahoma Special Edition-Bonus Disc
Rodgers & Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies
Kevin BurnsThe movies came alive with the sound of music when Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II teamed up to pen a spectacular string of musical hits, including "Oklahoma!" The King and I," "South Pacific" and of course "The Sound of Music." Join host Shirley Jones and leading ladies Julie Andrews, Rita Moreno, Nancy Kwan and Charmian Carr for the ultimate behind-the-scenes tour of their motion picture masterpieces. With spectacular film footage and never-before-seen outtakes, screen tests and home movies, "Rodgers and Hammerstein: The Sound of Movies" shows us why these are the songs we'll be singing for a thousand years. Shirley Jones, Julie Andrews, Rita Moreno, Nancy Kwan, Charmian Carr Kevin Burns 96 1995 Not Rated No Full Frame Color 5.1 Dolby Digital English No None None Unknown 1
Rodgers and Hammerstein - The Sound of Movies
Kevin Burns (III)
Romeo & Juliet
Franco Zeffirelli
The Rookie
John Lee Hancock
Rush Hour (New Line Platinum Series)
Brett Ratner
Rush Hour 2
Brett Ratner
Russian Ark: The Masterworks Edition
Aleksandr Sokurov
Safe House
Eric Steven Stahl
The Sandlot
David M. Evans
The Santa Clause
John Pasquin
Santa Clause 2
Michael Lembeck
Saving Private Ryan
Steven Spielberg
Scooby-Doo 2 - Monsters Unleashed
Raja Gosnell
The Secret of NIMH
Don Bluth
The Shadow
Russell Mulcahy
Shakespeare in Love
John Madden
Shanghai Knights
David Dobkin
Shanghai Noon
Tom Dey
The Shawshank Redemption
Frank Darabont
Paul Verhoeven
Andrew Adamson Vicky Jenson
Shrek 2
Andrew Adamson
Shrek 3D: The Complete Collection
Genuine Dreamworks 4 Blu-ray 3D Blu-ray collection in one package!
Silent Movie
John Duigan
The Sixth Sense (Two-Disc Vista Series)
M. Night Shyamalan
Sky High
Mike Mitchell (VI)
Snow Day
Chris Koch
Snow Dogs
Brian Levant
Solar Crisis
Alan Smithee Richard C. Sarafian
South Pacific: In Concert From Carnegie Hall
Broadway, like everyone, loves Reba McEntire. The redheaded Oklahoma firebrand took on the one-night-only concert role of Nellie Forbush on June 9, 2005—the role Mary Martin immortalized in the 1949 Rodgers & Hammerstein classic South Pacific—and the rialto’s toughest critics, led by The New York Times’ Ben Brantley, instantly surrendered. "Open-voiced and open-faced, she was born to play Nellie," Brantley wrote of the Carnegie Hall benefit performance, adding that the entire production was performed "in a state of nearly unconditional rapture. It was one of those nights when cynicism didn’t stand a chance." Happily that enchanted evening can be shared with fans everywhere when "SOUTH PACIFIC" IN CONCERT FROM CARNEGIE HALL comes to DVD. Completing the luxury casting are Broadway and Hollywood icons Brian Stokes Mitchell and Alec Baldwin, as, respectively, French planter Emile de Becque and wise guy sailor Luther Billis. The performance also aired on Thirteen/WNE! T New York’s GREAT PERFORMANCES on PBS in April/May.
Space Above and Beyond - The Complete Series
Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/30/2008 Run time: 1032 minutes Rating: Nr
Space Camp
Harry Winer*****
Space Jam
Joe Pytka
Spawn - The Director's Cut (New Line Platinum Series)
Mark A.Z. Dippé
Species 2
Peter Medak
Species III
Brad Turner
Barry Levinson
Sam Raimi
Spider-Man 2
Sam Raimi
Spy Kids
Robert Rodriguez
Spy Kids 2 - The Island of Lost Dreams (Collector's Series)
Robert Rodriguez
Spy Kids 3 - Game Over (Two-Disc Collector's Series)
Robert Rodriguez
Star Trek The Next Generation - 1st Season
David Carson Gabrielle Beaumont Timothy Bond25 episodes on 7 discs: Encounter at Farpoint, The Naked Now, Code of Honor, The Last Outpost, Where No One Has Gone Before, Lonely Among Us, Justice, The Battle, Hide and Q, Haven, The Big Goodbye, Datalore, Angel One, 11001001, Too Short a Season, When the Bough Breaks, Home Soil, Coming of Age, Heart of Glory, The Arsenal of Freedom, Symbiosis, Skin of Evil, We'll Always Have Paris, Conspiracy, The Neutral Zone. Four new exclusive featurettes: "The Beginning" (the genesis of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Gene Roddenberry's vision), "Selected Crew Analysis" (first-season cast members discuss their roles), "Making of a Legend" (first-season production staff reminisce about their favorite episodes), "Memorable Missions" (cast and crew discuss key episodes and events of the first season).
Star Trek The Next Generation - 2nd Season
David Carson Gabrielle Beaumont Timothy Bond Tom Benko Robert Becker Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Richard Compton Paul Lynch Cliff Bole Winrich Kolbe Robert Legato Robert Wiemer Jonathan West22 episodes on 6 discs: The Child, Where Silence Has Lease, Elementary Dear Data, The Outrageous Okona, Loud as a Whisper, The Schizoid Man, Unnatural Selection, A Matter of Honor, The Measure of a Man, The Dauphin, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared, The Icarus Factor, Pen Pals, Q Who?, Samaritan Snare, Up the Long Ladder, Manhunt, The Emissary, Peak Performance, Shades of Gray.
Star Trek The Next Generation - 3rd Season
David Carson Gabrielle Beaumont Timothy Bond Tom Benko Robert Becker Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Richard Compton Paul Lynch Cliff Bole Winrich Kolbe Robert Legato Robert Wiemer Jonathan West26 episodes on 7 discs: Evolution, The Ensigns of Command, The Survivors, Who Watches the Watchers, The Bonding, Booby Trap, The Enemy, The Price, The Vengeance Factor, The Defector, The Hunted, The High Ground, Deja Q, A Matter of Perspective, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Offspring, Sins of the Father, Allegiance, Captain's Holiday, Tin Man, Hollow Pursuits, The Most Toys, Sarek, Menage a Troi, Transfigurations, The Best of Both Worlds Part 1.
Star Trek The Next Generation - 4th Season
David Carson Timothy Bond Robert Wiemer Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Robert Scheerer Les Landau Robert Legato7-Disc Set Features Over 21 Hours of EntertainmentOver One Hour of Brand-new Featurettes:Mission Overview: Year Four-reveals the challenges in resolving the cliffhanger episode "The Best of Both Worlds"; provides a whimsical look at the Robin Hood-themed "Q-Pid"; and celebrates the historic 100th episode with Gene Roddenberry.Selected Crew Analysis: Year Four-an in-depth look at the departure of Wesley Crusher; cast memebers discuss their experiences performing stunts; and a profile of Jennifer Hetrick as "Vash".Departmental Briefing - Year Four: Production-a behind-the-scenes look at directors Patrick Stewart Jonathan Frakes and David Livingston. Includes a special makeup section featuring Brent Spiner.New Life And New Civilizations-an inside look at creating alien landscapes and shooting on location. Also explains the challenges of shooting the effects-packed episode "The Best of Both Worlds."Chronicles From The Final Frontier-a discussion of Season Four's most extraordinary episodes and characters with preeminent writers Ronald D. Moore Brannon Braga and Jeri Taylor.System Requirements:Running Time: 1182 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY UPC: 097360813340 Manufacturer No: 081334
Star Trek The Next Generation - 5th Season
David Carson Timothy Bond Robert Wiemer Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Robert Scheerer Les Landau Robert LegatoNo Description Available.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 2-MAY-2006
Media Type: DVD
Star Trek The Next Generation - 6th Season
David Carson Timothy Bond Robert Legato Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Les Landau Robert WiemerNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: DVD
Title: SEASON 6
Street Release Date: 12/03/2002
Star Trek The Next Generation - 7th Season
David Carson Timothy Bond Robert Legato Chip Chalmers Joseph L. Scanlan Les Landau Robert WiemerNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: DVD
Title: SEASON 7
Street Release Date: 12/31/2002
Star Trek The Original Series - 1st Season
Finally and for the first time ever the complete landmark epic sci-fi television series Star Trek is available in a complete set on DVD. In these definitive collector's boxed sets with completely remastered sound fans of the landmark series can finally own and enjoy the entire first season featuring hours of new and never-before-seen bonus features.Season One is an 8-disc set that includes all 28 first run episodes and exclusive retrospective featurettes that are out of this world!Special Features: Full Screen Format Dolby Digital: English 5.1 Surround English Dolby Surround Text Commentary by Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda The Birth Of A Timeless Legacy Life After Trek: William Shatner To Boldly Go (Season One) Reflections on Spock Red Shirt Logs SCI-FI Visionaries Original Promotional Trailers Photo GalleryFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 097360509243 Manufacturer No: 050924
Star Trek The Original Series - 2nd Season
Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise travel through space in order to defend the United Federation of Planets and explore new worlds.
No Track Information Available
Media Type: DVD
Title: SEASON 2
Street Release Date: 11/02/2004
Star Trek The Original Series - 3rd Season
Anton Leader, David Alexander, Herb Wallerstein, Herbert Kenwith, Herschel DaughertyCaptain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise travel through space in order to defend the United Federation of Planets and explore new worlds.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 8-AUG-2006
Media Type: DVD
Stargate Atlantis: 1st Season
When a secret base, abandoned by the original builders of the Stargates, is found buried in the ice of Antartica, the newly formed Stargate Atlantis team is born. The team's discovery leads to a daring expeditiion to the distant Pegasus galaxy, where they encounter a primitive human civilization and a sinister new enemy that threatens human life everywhere. The Stargate Atlantis mission is headed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a specialist in diplomatic relations. Her political savvy is balanced by the bravado of her military counterpart, Major John Sheppard, a courageous pilot. Rounding out the crew are Lt. Aiden Ford, Sheppard's second-in-command, Dr. Rodney McKay, a clever and quick-witted astrophysicist and Teyla, a beautiful young leader among the primitive alien civilization that the Atlantis team encounters.
Stargate Atlantis: 2nd Season
Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 01/13/2009 Run time: 900 minutes Rating: Nr
Stargate Atlantis: 3rd Season
For the first time ever, fans can catch up on season 3 before season 4 begins on Sci Fi!
Stargate Atlantis: 4th Season
Disc 1:

Disc 2:
Tabula Rasa
The Seer

Disc 3:
Miller's Crossing
This Mortal Coil
Be All My Sins Remember'd
Spoils of War

Disc 4:

Disc 5:
The Kindred
The Kindred, Part 2
The Last Man

Rating: NR
Age: 883904110132
UPC: 883904110132
Manufacturer No: M111013
Stargate Atlantis: 5th Season
In this action-packed fifth season sparks fly when Woolsey becomes the new leader of the Atlantis team. Meanwhile, McKay faces difficult personal challenges; Teyla must balance her roles as mother and warrior; Ronan’s past returns with a vengeance, and Keller finds peril, then help, from an unlikely source. A provisional relationship with the Wraith takes a shocking turn and new adversaries test the team’s courage and resolve like never before.
Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisHollywood's film archives overflow with the carcasses of dismal movies based on lame '60s and '70s television shows, a syndrome that shows no sign of abating. But here's evidence that the reverse effect, turning a movie into a TV series, can have surprisingly positive results. Indeed, based on the 21 episodes produced for the first season of Stargate SG-1, it could be argued that this show is significantly better than the 1994 feature it's derived from.

The central conceit of the original Stargate—the existence of an artificially created "wormhole" through which one can travel to different worlds light years away from Earth—was an intriguing one. In seizing on the obvious possibilities for expanding on that premise, series executive producers-writers Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright have smartly retained some of the film's basic elements (its amalgam of myth and theoretical hokum, or the ongoing clash of wills between scientists and soldiers), while adding a variety of fresh ideas (including new characters, new locations, and a welcome dose of humor, much of it supplied by Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver himself, who replaces Kurt Russell in the central role of Colonel Jack O'Neill). The result is a show with multidimensional heroes and villains and consistently compelling story lines (many of them introduced in the pilot and carried forward through subsequent episodes) balancing excellent special effects and production values. All this and full frontal nudity, too (at least in the aforementioned pilot). Who can resist?

The first season is spread out over five DVDs; the 100-minute pilot shares the first volume with two other episodes, while discs 2 to 5 contain anywhere from three to five shows each. Sound and visuals (in widescreen format) alike will take full advantage of any home system's capabilities. But aside from language and subtitle options, bonus features are limited to brief featurettes that play like commercials and provide little in the way of background information or insight (there are no features at all on the first disc). Then again, if you really want to know what that symbol on Teal'c's forehead means, or why the nasty, parasitic Goa'ulds look a lot like the fledgling stomach monsters in the Alien series, there is no doubt a Web site out there just for you. —Sam Graham
Stargate SG-1 Season 2 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisThe 1994 movie Stargate was originally intended as the start of a franchise, but creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin were distracted with Independence Day. Episodic TV treatment was the natural next step. Replacing the roles of Colonel Jack O'Neill (Kurt Russell) and Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) are, respectively, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks. They're joined by Captain Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) and former alien baddie Teal'c (Christopher Judge) to form the primary unit SG-1. With a seemingly endless network of Stargates found to exist on planets all across the known universe, their mission is to make first contact with as many friendly races as possible. Chasing their heels at almost every turn are the "overlord" pharaonic Goa'uld—the ancient Egyptian gods from the original film. The welcome notion of a continued plot thread sees offshoots that follow the reincarnation of Daniel's wife, Sam's father literally joining a renegade faction of the Goa'uld, and Jack in an unending quest to out-sarcasm everyone. Amid a plethora of derivative look-alikes, Stargate SG-1 has held its own with stories that put the science fiction back into TV sci-fi.

Among the second season's 22 episodes, "The Serpent's Lair" concludes the cliffhanger from the end of the first season in a rollercoaster of wit, plot twists, and cutting-edge special effects as the SG-1 team resign themselves to a suicide mission. In the two-parter "The Tok'ra," Sam's estranged father is dying of cancer, but her obligations sway her toward saving a member of the Goa'uld renegade Tok'ra who is also dying. In "Show and Tell," the central story arc takes a dramatic turn when a child arrives to warn that some survivors of a Goa'uld attack are determined to eliminate anyone who might host their enemy—which means Earth as a whole. There's great fun to be had in "1969," with a time-travel plot that loops many aspects of the show's story lines together, and the cliffhanger finale, "Out of Mind," has Jack experience an Aliens-style awakening 79 years into his future. —Paul Tonks
Stargate SG-1 Season 3 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisTo resolve the season 2 cliffhanger, General Hammond rounds up every conceivable ally to rescue the SG-1 team from Hathor's clutches and gets a much-needed field trip in the process. "Into the Fire " is actually a weak opening for the new year, but does boast some impressive visuals as Hammond and Brat'ac pilot a shuttle through an open Stargate (euphemistically called "threading the needle"). In subsequent episodes, Daniel Jackson is intrigued by the planet Orban's scientific advances over only a few years. An exchange of knowledge is agreed and the precise "Learning Curve" of their children is revealed. Still recalling the original movie, O'Neill is concerned for the siblings because of the loss of his son. In "Demons" some serious lambasting of organized religion occurs in a storyline concerning a medieval Christian village that's being terrorized by a giant Goa'uld servant creature. This episode both brings to light and questions each of the principal characters' beliefs.

"Forever in a Day" begins an important storyline about Daniel's wife Sha're's stolen child who is a "Harcesis," an illegal breeding between Goa'uld hosts. Then an earlier thread is picked up in "Past and Present" on planet Vyus whose people all suffer amnesia. Their leader Ke'ra (played by Megan Leitch who's portrayed Mulder's missing sister in The X-Files) is a link to the earlier "Prisoners" episode and the dangerous "destroyer of worlds". In a two-part cliffhanger, Sam must attempt to rescue her father, face Satan himself on a prison moon, and resurrect "Jolinar's Memories" from the Goa'uld she was briefly possessed by, then "The Devil You Know" reveals an embarrassing secret that could allow the team to escape the clutches of Satanic Sokar. "Pretense" is one of those sci-fi series staples as a character is put on trial to prove their guilt on behalf of another. "Urgo" expands the general sardonic humor with a little pathos for the guest appearance by Dom DeLuise. Lots of slapstick ensues.

"A Hundred Days" is the three months O'Neill spends stranded on planet Edora by the fire rain of a passing asteroid belt. Then in "Shades of Grey" he appears to suffer a total personality switch when he steals technology from the Tollan and is insubordinate in the extreme. Both these are terrific concepts but are scarcely enough story to have stretched across more than one episode. —Paul Tonks
Stargate SG-1 Season 4 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisIt wasn't until the beginning of Stargate SG-1's fourth season that fans knew to take the Replicator threat seriously. The spidery nasties had only seemed like one of many new enemies introduced in previous years. But when the one seemingly omnipotent backbone of the galaxy was asking Earth for help, clearly we were in real trouble! In fact, the team's list of enemies expanded and got far more complicated this year. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that this is science fiction, the Russians reveal they have their own Stargate program and ask the Americans for help. This twist allows for exploration of all the political machinations occurring behind the scenes of the SG-C, all of which appear to stem from the embittered Senator Kinsey (Ronny Cox).

There were quite a few Earth-based stories in the year, but not all the new enemies were originally local. Willie Garson comically guest-starred as Martin, a geekily suspicious guy with too much knowledge of the Stargate. More sinister was an old flame of Daniel's turning into something far more painful than an old wound (thanks to an ancient Egyptian curse). Thankfully, the writers hadn't forgotten the importance of one-off storylines too. In "Upgrades" the team learns a lesson in abuse of power. In "The Other Side" (featuring DS9's Rene Auberjonois) they learn about blind trust. In "Scorched Earth" a dangerous claim for a planet's ownership means they learn to value Daniel's contribution to the group dynamic. If only this last lesson were learned better, season 5 might not have ended up as muddled as it did. —Paul Tonks
Stargate SG-1 Season 5 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisIt now seems clear that season 5 of Stargate SG-1 will be remembered as the one in which something went awry with Daniel Jackson. Lots of behind-the-scenes rumors fueled the idea of cast tension, but whatever the problem, his sudden departure from the show was obviously through a quickly contrived scenario. In retrospect, there must have been a problem for some while before the weird penultimate episode ("Meridian"). Michael Shanks looks frequently bored in his rare moments of individual screen time as he infiltrates a Goa'uld meeting and even when making friends with a creature everyone else wants dead. In fact, there's only one point when everyone really seems to be having fun, and that's in the spoof 100th episode "Wormhole X-treme!"

Most shows go through a run-around, skin-of-their-teeth period awaiting renewal, and it certainly seems to have affected storylines this year. For example, a next generation of younger SG teams is introduced. Replacements? The most unfortunate aspect of things, however, was that not a single episode managed to stand alone on its own merits. Every single story was dependent on a part of the greater interwoven warring-species threads. Some of the one-off tales were terrific in and of themselves, but it was as if the writers fell into the trap of having to refer to as much backstory as possible, perhaps to ensure loose ends could be easily wrapped up? Ultimately none of this mattered since the show went on for quite a while. —Paul Tonks
Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisThe biggest change for Stargate SG-1's sixth season was its move to the Sci-Fi Channel. Financial rescue or genre haven from cancellation? Whatever the behind-the-scenes politics, the departure of Daniel Jackson (actor Michael Shanks) the previous year most certainly contributed to the need to run a tighter ship somewhere. With the addition of his replacement, Jonas Quinn, the new show dynamic (hinted at by the new title theme) meant far more convolutedly involved story arcs and less individual focus. One of very few solo spotlights came from Christopher Judge writing his own show, when "The Changeling" saw Teal'c act out a life as a fireman. One reason for its being a fan favorite was the cameo from still-alive-after-all Daniel Jackson. There'd be several more through the year, culminating in a finale that relied on how much attention you'd been paying to that all-important back-story. Other kooky cameos included Dean Stockwell in one of the many spotlights on the energy resource n'quadria, Ian Buchanan as one of the devilish Replicators (and hopefully the end of that plotline), and regular spots from John DeLancie, Ronny Cox, and Tom McBeath as the Earth-bound series bad guys. More pertinently, we also saw The X-Files' Byers (Bruce Harwood) as a scientist involved with the Antarctic Gate. Lest we forget, there are other portals on Earth. Is that an already planned spin-off on the horizon? —Paul Tonks
Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Boxed Set
Richard Benwick, James Ilecic, Charles Robichaud, Kevin WillisA gradual shift in overall style, character homecomings and departures, and evolving on- and off-screen roles for the major players are among the attractions of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1. Spread out over five discs, these 21 episodes are ample indication that changes notwithstanding—and admittedly, not all of them are for the better—the series remains arguably the best-made, most compelling sci-fi program on television.

Perhaps most noticeable is the reduced role of star Richard Dean Anderson, who opted to limit his number of trips to Vancouver, where Stargate SG-1 is filmed. But that's not a bad thing. The show's ability to poke fun at itself has always been a strong suit, and while Anderson still brings a welcome sense of humor to his portrayal of wiseacre and loose cannon Col. Jack O'Neill, his act is getting a little smug by now. What's more, the other principal cast members have taken up the slack, both behind and in front of the camera: Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson, who rejoins the cast in episode 1) wrote one episode and co-wrote another; Christopher Judge (Teal'c) wrote one as well; Amanda Tapping (Lt. Col. Samatha Carter) directed episode 19, "Resurrection"; and even Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn, who appears in just a few episodes) contributed one story.

The seventh season also finds the series somewhat more earthbound than in the past; indeed, there are episodes in which the Stargate (the "wormhole" our heroes use to travel to different worlds) doesn't appear at all. On balance, the stories are more personal, and more political—especially the final two, with the newly elected U.S. President (William Devane) struggling to decide the fate of the Stargate program (and, of course, the fate of the entire known universe as well!). And then there's the ultimate villain, Anubis, who makes perennial nemeses the Goa'uld (of which Anubis is one... sort of) look tame. He's a combination of Star Wars' Darth Vader and evil Emperor, but hey, at least these guys borrow from the best.

Stargate SG-1's production values remain first-rate. The bonus DVD features are also much better than they once were, with audio commentary (mainly by directors and writers) for every episode, as well as director profiles and "Beyond the Gate" featurettes focusing on individual characters. —Sam Graham
Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Boxed Set
William WaringSTARGATE SG-1 DVD:8TH SSN V1: Episode #8.1: New Order Part 1 - When Carter and Teal'c fly to the Asgard world of Hala in hopes of finding a way to revive O'Neill, they are attacked by Replicators, who take Carter prisoner. Meanwhile, Dr. Weir and Daniel Jackson attempt to negotiate a treaty with Goa'uld System Lords who wish to unite against a common enemy. Episode #8.2: New Order Part 2 - The Goa'uld send a mothership to Earth, demanding that it prove its superior defenses. As Dr. Weir applies her most expert diplomatic tactics, Daniel and the still unconscious body of Colonel O'Neill are unexpectedly beamed aboard Thor's ship, where Thor tries to access the knowledge of the Ancients. Episode #8.3: Lock Down - When Jackson contracts a mysterious illness from a Russian colonel, O'Neill is convinced that a contagion has infected the base and orders a lockdown. But when Jackson reveals that he was actually possessed by Anubis, who is now loose on the base, O'Neill must discover the identity of the new host! Episode #8.4: Zero Hour - O'Neill finds his plate full with a visit from the president and negotiations between two warring tribes from the planet Amra. But when SG-1 is captured by a Goa'uld System Lord and he's forced to choose between the safety of the team and the fate of an entire planet, O'Neill begins to question his competency!

STARGATE SG-1 DVD:8TH SSN V2: Episode #8.5: Icon - SG-1's sudden appearance sparks a civil war on the planet Tegalus, whose inhabitants were unaware of the Stargate's true nature. Intent on easing the situation, Jackson stays behind as the team returns to Earth, but finds himself pitted against a tyrannical religious leader with no tolerance for those who don't share his beliefs! Episode #8.6: Avatar - A virtual reality training scenario goes terribly wrong when the simulation begins to learn from Teal'c, trapping him and endangering his life. Jackson volunteers to enter the simulation on a rescue mission. But will he be able to rescue Teal'c or become a victim himself? Episode #8.8: Affinity - Given clearance to live off-base, Teal'c tries in vain to blend in as an ordinary civilian. But when his unwavering ethical code compels him to help ordinary people in trouble, specifically, a neighbor with an abusive boyfriend, he soon finds himself thrust into the spotlight as the prime suspect in the boyfriend's murder! Episode #8.7: Covenant - When a billionaire industrialist threatens to reveal the existence of alien life at a press conference, SG-1 is charged with the job of keeping him quiet. Carter, who has worked with him in the past, tries to explain that the information will cause panic, but ultimately she must decide how far she is willing to go to stop this threat to national security.

STARGATE SG-1 DVD:8TH SSN V3: Episode #8.9: Sacrifices - During a meeting with Ishta's rebel Jaffa faction on planet Haktyl, Teal'c receives some distressing news: his son, Ryac, intends to marry one of Ishta's warriors. Refusing to give his blessing to the marriage puts Teal'c at odds with Ishta even as they are ambushed by enemy forces! Episode #8.10: Endgame - When the Stargate disappears in a flash of light, Carter and Jackson's investigation leads them to an industrial warehouse storing VX rockets and vials filled with what appears to be nerve gas. Meanwhile, Teal'c discovers the mass deaths of Jaffa, spread across four planets. Could this horrifying event be connected to the gas? Episode #8.12: Gemini - The team receives a message from a Replicator that looks exactly like Carter. Created by another Replicator called Fifth, Replicator Carter was meant to serve by Fifth's side. However, possessing Carter's personality, she resisted Fifth, and escaped. Now on the run, she informs SG-1 that Fifth and his entire armada are headed their way, and that she wishes to be destroyed! Episode #8.11: Prometheus Unbound - Jackson embarks on a mission to search for the lost Atlantis team aboard the starship Prometheus. But when an unseen Super Soldier boards the Prometheus and incapacitates the crew, only Daniel is able to escape. And if he is to save the Prometheus, he must now face the Super Soldier alone!

STARGATE SG-1 DVD:8TH SSN V4: Episode #8.13: It's Good to Be King - Hoping to warn Harry Maybourne of Goa'uld attacks, SG-1 arrives at his last known whereabouts to find that he has been appointed king of a primitive people and that he believes he possesses writings by a time-traveling Ancient predicting these events. The team is skeptical until they discover what appears to be a time machine. Episode #8.14: Full Alert - When O'Neill finds the door to his home forced open and former Vice President Robert Kinsey waiting for him inside, his first instinct is to call the police. But he changes his mind - and allies himself with his Kinsey - when he learns that the rogue organization known as The Trust plan to ally themselves with the Russian government! Episode #8.18: Citizen Joe - At a tag sale, civilian Joe Spencer comes across a small stone that gives him visions of SG-1 in action. Delighted, he shares the stories with anyone who will listen. But when he inadvertently learns that SG-1 really exists, his excitement turns into obsession. As he slowly alienates everyone around him, Joe resolves to expose the truth about SG-1, no matter the cost! Episode #8.15: Reckoning Part 1 - Teal'c and Bratac believe the time is right to lead their people in an uprising against their Goa'uld masters. However, their plan suffers a setback when an army of Replicators begins to systematically take control of Goa'uld ships and Jackson is taken prisoner. Meanwhile, O'Neill consults with an old alien ally about the decimation of the Goa'uld by another, more powerful enemy.

STARGATE SG-1 DVD:8TH SSN V5: Episode #8.16: Reckoning Part 2 - Goa'uld system lord Baal reveals to O'Neill that he has been taking orders from Anubis, long thought to be dead. In the face of a losing battle with the Replicators, Anubis seeks a powerful weapon that could destroy all life in the galaxy. Afraid of the consequences of such an event, Baal pleads with O'Neill to persuade Teal'c and the rebel Jaffa to destroy the temple where the weapon is buried. Episode #8.17: Threads - With a climactic battle behind them, the team turns towards personal matters. But unbeknownst to them, Anubis prepares one final attempt to take power! Meanwhile, Jackson awakens in a way station between the living world and the world of beings that have "ascended." When he learns of Anubis' campaign, will he ascend himself or try to find a way back to save his friends? Episode #8.19: Moebius Part 1 - Jackson receives documents that point to the location of a ZPM in ancient Egypt. Hoping that the energy source could be used to power Earth's defenses and open a wormhole to Atlantis, SG-1 uses an Ancient time machine to travel back to 3000 BC. But after the team locates the ZPM, Egyptians discover the time machine, and SG-1 must find a way to retake it without altering the timeline! Episode #8.20: Moebius Part 2 - SG-1's attempt to recover a ZPM from 3000 BC has altered the timeline, leading to a present in which the Stargate was never discovered! The alternate-reality Carter and Jackson convince a reluctant O'Neill to take them on their first mission through the Stargate. But when the team is captured by Teal'c, once again the First Prime of Apophis, can they convince him to join their side?
Stargate SG-1 Season 9 Boxed Set (Thinpak)
The Stargate is an intergalactic gateway, developed by an ancient civilization, that links other planets from other solar systems to ours. The U.S. Air Force assembles a Stargate team for interstellar peace-keeping missions. Boasting incredible special effects sequences, rapid-fire pacing and awesome scenes of alien warfare, STARGATE SG-1™ is your gateway to pulse-pounding, sci-fi action!
Stargate SG-1 Season 10
The final Season comes to DVD! In season 10, Vala, a former Goa'uld host turned freedom-fighter, joins SG-1 in their battle to defend the galaxy from the holy war of the Ori. Meanwhile, relations between the Jaffa and Earth continue to be strained. It all comes to a sizzling end on the finale.
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Patrick Kennedy, Nick CastleTwo days out of prison and looking for action, Max Washington (Gregory Hines) gets involved in a jewel heist with a local crime boss. The lure of a big payoff is tempting, and street-wise Max makes some cunning moves in this spirited story of life on the streets and in the fast lane. TAP is never-ending energy and excitement!
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The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Collection
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To the Shores of Tripoli
H. Bruce HumberstoneDarryl F. Zanuck's production about a playboy who joins the Marines and discovers selfless valor. John Payne and Maureen O'Hara star.
Tomorrow Never Dies
Dominique Fortin, Roger SpottiswoodePierce Brosnan leaps into action as Agent 007 in this spectacular thrill ride of death-defying stunts and amazing high-tech gadgets. In the most electrifying Bond film yet, the unstoppable action hero must prevent a tremendous disaster ripped from tomorrow's headlines. Someone is pitting the world's superpowers against each other ? and only James Bond can stop it. When a British warship is mysteriously destroyed in Chinese waters, the world teeters on the brink of WWIII ? until 007 zeros in on the true criminal mastermind. Bond's do-or-die mission takes him to Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce), a powerful industrialist who manipulates world events as easily as he changes headlines from his global media empire. After soliciting help from Carver's sexy wife, Paris (Teri Hatcher), Bond joins forces with a stunning yet lethal Chinese agent, Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), in a series of explosive chases, brutal confrontations and breathtaking escapes as they race to stop the presses on Carver's next planned news story: global pandemonium! With powerhouse action sequences, including a wild motorcycle pursuit through (and over!) Saigon, Tomorrow Never Dies is a thrilling action-adventure "that roars from start to finish with the throttle wide open (Gene Shalit, NBC-TV)!
Total Recall
Paul Verhoeven
Touched By an Angel: The Eighth Season
Touched By an AngelA trio of angels Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese), and Andrew (John Dye) are dispatched from heaven with a special mission: to inspire people facing sometimes unseen crossroads in their lives. Monica, an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her earthly assignments, reports to Tess, her tough, wise and always loving supervisor. Also on hand is Andrew, who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, now helps out as a caseworker on various assignments. Gloria, an angel for the 21st century, continues to seek guidance from Monica performing her angelic duties. While the angels may not bring solutions to every problem, they always deliver a message of hope.
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Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland USA
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Walt Disney Treasures - On the Front Lines
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Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Goofy
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Walt Disney Treasures - Tomorrowland: Disney in Space and Beyond
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Randall WallaceExploration of the courage, valor and loyalty among an elite American combat division that is sent to battle in Southern Vietnam.
White Nights
Taylor HackfordThe story of Nikolai Rodchenko (Mikhail Baryshnikov), a Russian defector, and Raymond Greenwood (Gregory Hines), an American tap dancer who defected behind the Iron Curtain during the Vietnam War. Artistic vision and political idealism collide as two great dancers make a decision that will change their lives forever.
Witchblade - The Complete Series
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World War II - Vol. 2: Divide and Conquer/The Battle of Britain
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World War II - Vol. 4: War Comes To America/D-Day the Normandy Invasion
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World War II - Vol. 5: The World At War / Appointment In Tokyo
John Pett David Elstein Hugh Raggett
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Scott Conrad, Gary Rocklin, Mike MarvinThe mysterious driver of a turbocharged domestic car drag-races an Arizona hot rodder in the desert.
WW II: Air War
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